09 11 2018

I am part of the Fikra Graphic Design Biennial, Sharjah, UAE as Oddkin with the project:Today's Success is Tomorrow's Disaster. The show can be seen between th 9th-30th of November

© oddkin

20 01 2018

We have officially established our duo, with Márton Kabai, under the name Oddkin, where we researching and developing works on the realm of crisis, athropocene and posthuman.

© oddkin

03-04 11 2017

I have worked as curator and artist for Hubs Immersive Festival, where I have developed a new site-specific audio work, called Immersive Touch

© Jesus Iglesias

22-23 09 2017

In collaboration with Ingrid Lee and Manus Nijhoff we presented participatory installation: wwwebshop.online at TodaysArt Festival. Follow the project on Instagram.

© Natela L.

25-01 06 2017

Residency at Cloud/Danslab

Natela works in interdisciplinary context, her focus lays around performance, sound art, site-specific interventions and video. Through her works she focuses on intensity, collective presence, concentration, shifting times and confrontation. In her main subject she investigates the audience’s physical and mental condition from a conceptual perspective often through performative, audio-visual settings. She investigates the conceptual and fundamental significance of the Audience, from different aspects, such as it’s aesthetics, spatiality or necessity. Through her performative settings she experiments with the notion when the audience becomes a subject and an object during the experience. Her compositions consists of narration, sound, body movement and broadcasting technologies.

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